Friday, December 9, 2011

Let's Drink after Prom!

I think that the US should keep the current age restriction on alcohol. I do agree with Alex saying that teens drink today are drinking, but however this fact is not a responsible argument as to why they should lower the legal drinking age. If we lowered the legal drinking age from 21 to 18 this would cause an enormous increase in the amount of of teenagers who drink.
Teenagers are irresponsible, don't know how to handle emotions and feelings, and tend to think they are invincible. Think about what this will do to society; more health problems, a very high increase in alcoholics, more car accidents resulting in death, affecting the academic performance, and much more violence. What if a student who is 18 decides to drink before arriving to class and becomes irritable or angry? All of his/her surrounding peers and teacher's safety is at risk. What if they have a friend who isn't legal to drink? I am positive that a whole lot more teens that today will start drinking because it'll be all the more easier to get it from their friend is only 1-3 years older than they are, and next thing you know you have a party of drunk teenagers.
I understand Alex saying that this is a freedom that the constitution cannot intrude on, but if we were to lower the legal drinking age there would be an uproar afterwards due to all the negative that will come of it. Lowering the legal drinking age will enable teens to commit suicide because surely it is a death sentence. Can you imagine a drunk teen texting and driving with someone in the passenger seat? I guarantee this will become to new epidemic if the legal age is lowered. Teenagers are not responsible enough to comprehend the consequences of drinking and to know how much is enough, all they will think is "Yay we can drink after a football game!" This is a horrible idea and will result in deadly consequences.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Made in China

I have an Ebay account and about 3-4 times a month I order something straight from China. Usually it's clothes and my thought process is "well just about everything we have is from China, and it's cheaper so why not?" Not only do my clothes come from China but my dishes, comforter set, furniture, and plenty more and I don't mind...or at least I didn't until today. While getting dress I was watching the 6 o' clock KXAN news and they were talking about China getting ready to make vaccines for the United States!

China wants to make vaccines that are cheaper so that people all around the world can get immunizations that will supposedly be lifesaving. The first thing that popped into my head was lead! How many kids toys have been recalled because of the dangerous amount of lead in them? And not one American can forget about China exporting food with lead in it! Manufacturers continue to use all their products from China at the expense of overall American health for the benefit of cheap labor. And to be honest I think that a good majority of US citizens are content with receiving products from china because a lot of our materials come from China. Can you imgaine if ever American Citizens took out all Made In China products? We wouldn't have much of a "home" just a house (If the materials to make your house are made in the USA). I can admit that I am content with wearing clothes that are from China, but anything that has to go inside of my body needs to be made right here in the 50 states!

Due to previous bad experiences with China negatively affecting American health, there would not be a lot of support from citizens due to fear. China does not have quality assurance like we do and no one is over their vaccine makers' should telling them to follow set guidelines. Who would want their kids to a vaccine from a country that is the source of lead poisoning? That's a death sentence. In 2007, Chinese cough syrup killed 93 people in Central America; one year later, contaminated blood thinner led to dozens of deaths in the United States while tainted milk powder poisoned hundreds of thousands of Chinese babies and killed six (WONG). The only parents who would want to give their kids Chinese vaccines are those who share the same interest as Casey Anthony.

Allowing china to make vaccines and export them here would make for a big competition against western pharmaceutical companies, and that would put even more people out of a job (employment will not be getting better anytime soon), and this would anger Americans and cause the middle and upper class to not support China's vaccines. The poor would have the choice to die from no vaccine or Chinese vaccine, and if they take the Chinese vaccine then we can expect all the poor to die off increasingly, decreasing our population.

We owe China trillions of dollars and my fear is that they could use the vaccine to try and take control of the US. They could put some poison (as if the lead isn't enough) that is undetectable within the vaccine, and kill all those who receive the immunization. Greed conquers peace.

Friday, November 11, 2011

9/11 Anniversary Breeds Fear And Suspicion

Link Although it is racist and stereotyping you can't help but be curious or nervous about three Indians sitting beside one another on the tenth anniversary of the most tragic event known to the USA. Morally speaking I think the way they handled the situation was wrong, but considering the safety of my country and its citizens I think that the procedures followed are acceptable. What if they were actual terrorists, and officials said "We are going to have ask you to stand and put your hand behind your back" or something to that degree, they could easily push a button to set off a bomb, or attack someone.The majority of the USA lives in fear of another terrorist attack, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

I know we are innocent until proven guilty but I think that is for people who are citizens or in this case "look" like citizens, and although Hebshi is a citizen in this type of situation upon first judgement she wouldn't be seen as one because of her appearance. Standing by the cell is appropriate protocol I mean people can dispose of things that way and she hadn't been stripped search yet. Not allowing her to use the phone is excusable what if she got on the phone and started speaking another language and the cops couldn't understand?

I think the procedures followed are acceptable but I feel for the Indian men and woman who are citizens and don't feel protected by the new laws and standard protocol. This just goes to show that the only "safe" race in the USA that the laws and procedures will be ensured to are Caucasians. If I were on the plane I would be suspicious out of fear would you?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Home For The Holidays

President Obama has announced that the remainder of our troops will be returning home for good before Christmas. I think that the return of our troops coming home is long past overdue. Many people has stated concerns such as; wars will break out all over the world, or we will shut off the flow of new democratic voters from New Mexico, and the worry that there are not enough jobs. Although there has been some opposition to bringing the soldiers back, for the most part everyone wants the troops to come home. I do not have any family members serving in the military nor do I know anyone who has someone in service but just as many other Americans have said, "We want our soldiers home".
The government has spent so much money in the deployment of our troops overseas which has contributed GREATLY to our national debt. Many fear that if we bring our soldiers home that we will encounter terrorism, but truth is if we leave then terrorism will most likely decline. The USA basically send troops to other countries to "solve" whatever problems they are dealing with, but looking at it from the inside rather than the outside we are invading their privacy. It is like someone coming up to you and saying this is how we are going to handle your problems, and you had better not resist or there is going to be trouble which will definitely include violence. I am pretty sure you would be pissed off and feel belittled and imprisoned. How do you think these countries feel? Bringing our troops home will be greatly appreciated by these countries and allow them to deal with their problems, and allow us to focus more on our own country.
Bringing our troops home would help America by allowing us to focus on rebuilding our economy. In every presidential election/presidential address we not only hear about gas prices, jobs, and retirement but we have to hear about other countries problems, and in my opinion I feel that our economy is the way it is because we have been trying to help everybody else out, when really we are the ones who need the help. Now the major concern of bringing troops home is having even more people without jobs, but the way I see it is we are not getting any of the billions of dollars back that we have spent helping these other countries!!!
My primary reason for bringing the troops back home is that people need their families. Wives and a few husbands our raising their kids without their spouse wondering everyday in agony if they will ever see them again. Parents losing their kids to a war that has no meaning to us. Friends becoming depressed because they didn't get a chance to say goodbye. What about that little girl who's waiting for dad to come home Christmas morning not knowing that he was killed in action? American lives are at risk here because family and friends are dying and we are living in shame, never ending grief, depression, becoming suicidal, psychotic, in denial, and harmful to others because we do not know how to deal with it. While our soldiers our overseas fighting an expensive meaningless war, many of us here in America are at war in our own hearts.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Obama hates christians?

Rush Limbaugh reaches out to all of America and makes a claim stating that President Obama has sent hundreds of US troops to Sudan to remove the Christians from Uganda and Sudan, from the battlefield against the Muslims. Once again you have a person who is trying to persuade people to perceive Obama as a lazy president who doesn't follow through with anything, and wants to keep countries from freedom having them to suffer with tyrannical, or dictatorship.
The troops that Obama has supposedly sent to prevent these people from obtaining freedom, is called the "Lord's Resistance Army" also known as LRA. Limbaugh says that some of the goals the LRA is trying to accomplish include;
ensure the restoration of peace and security in Uganda, to ensure unity, sovereignty, and economic prosperity beneficial to all Ugandans; remove dictatorship and stop the oppression of our people;fight for the immediate restoration of the competitive multiparty democracy in Uganda.
Now as we all know I am not into politics at all, I believe in just living in God and not stressing about the world because God's will
is going to happen anyway. I have heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio and watched him on TV and as annoying as he is to me I think that he may be on to something. In 2008 Obama sent troops to the village of Obo all those who refused to help or join them were killed. One witness says that some were put into churches with locked doors and killed. Limbaugh is bold in his argument that Obama wants to wipe out Christians, and although his blog is very persuasive he does not provide resources as supporting evidence so his argument to me is just be all opinion.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Media Matters

Eric Bolling basically is making a conspiracy theory that Obama doesn't support Israel although the President says he does, and Eric Dhillion the author of the article disagrees with Bolling and provides supportive evidence. I think that Dhillion's intended audience are those who are anti-Obama. Dhillion states his opposing argument that Obama does support Israel and he proceeds to take Bolling's theory and attack it not solely with his own beliefs, but also quoting President Obama. Dhillion keeps his audience reading all the way to the end by introducing Bolling's theory then breaking it down into points and then attacking each point with points of his own argument.

Bolling claims that does Obama not support Israel because he will not grant them statehood through United Nations, but Dhillion rejects that argument saying that President Obama has said repeatedly that a two-state solution is best if the Palestinians and Israelis come to an agreement. Bolling argues that the President and Palestinian leadership have a plan to get votes from constituents who support Israel. In response, Dhillion sarcastically entertains this claim saying that if this over exaggerated scandal were true that the Palestinians would have to be willing to lie to their own people, the Israelis, the Arab world, and the rest of their international community about their motives. Also Obama would have to be willing to risk serious damage in U.S. relations with the Arab world; Obama would have to risk upsetting progressive allies.

Dhillion says that no matter what people like Bolling are waiting for President Obama to make a move so they can throw negativity his way. I agree with Dhillion's argument completely. No matter how hard Obama tries to do what is in the country's best interest people are always going to roll out the list with a thousand reasons as to why it is wrong. As you all know I am not into politics very much you're probably thinking "Does she even know what she's talking about?" Well YES I do, and Eric Dhillion having links to websites and videos within his article helped further my understanding. I clicked on a link and it took me to a video of Bolling making ANOTHER conspiracy theory against Obama, and that helped me understand where Bolling stands politically and his beliefs. So Dhillion having supportive evidence made him a credible author and convinced me to know why I agree with him. Dhillion brilliantly hit Bolling's argument on the head

Friday, September 16, 2011


I really like this website Politico! I will admit I am not political in the least bit and have a hard time keeping up with what is going on in our government and this website not only keeps up with the fresh news, the layout of the website is very simple. You click a subject tab or if you don't find what you are looking for, you can search by author, date or keywords. This website is about Political news/ politics, has multimedia streaming and articles that are simple enough for the young generation to understand. There's an article that's titled "As Obama dips, Clinton Nostalgia rises", and I think people should read it because it shows that although Obama is trying to do better for our country Clinton is drawing attention to himself to take the upper hand and further influence people's perspective of Obama and his intentions, which will either be good or bad for him in his run for presidency. This article shows that instead of focusing on a person's heart and their true intentions, they allow others to ultimately make their decisions for them.